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Escape to the Wild: Vancouver Island Elopement Inspiration

This lovely couple, M+I, reached out to me looking to plan the perfect #VancouverIslandElopement. They had never been to the island before and wanted to find a spot for their intimate day that resembled what you think of when you think West Coast. I immediately thought of Aylard Farms, in East Sooke. This location has it all, moody forest vibes right next to the soft, white sanded beach surrounded by drift wood and almost perfectly placed rocks. There is even long grassy fields as far as the eye can see, which light up gold when the sun hits it just right. I told them about this location over a zoom call, and they looked it up and said "Perfect, lets do it!"

I wanted to share some images because it gave me a reminder of how stunning the island truly is. I watched their eyes light up as they saw a seal swimming the shoreline for their first time. The awe they had in their eyes as they admired the large trees surrounding us along the trail we walked. At one point M said to me, "I love those trees that have the pink on the trunk!" She was referring to the Arbutus, and I quickly pointed out "yes, they are lovely... but damn do they make a big mess!"

This elopement felt like true art to me, just by seeing how amazed they were with the beauty around us that I am lucky enough to call home. So enjoy some images from this dreamt day, as the sun was shining so bright for us on a chilly November day.

Photography by @kelseylageriphotography /

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