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C L I E N T    C L O S E T

My client closet can be used for any session, other than my Mini-Sessions for no additional charge. I also have a wish-list, so If there isn't something you see, let me know and I will send the wish-list over to you! The way this option works, is you purchase the dress for your session and the total cost is deducted off of your package cost. Almost all dresses can be used for maternity, or non-maternity. 

22.kelseylageriphotography - Client closet_.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - Client closet_-7.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - Client closet_-3.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography -   clientcloseet_-8.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - client closet22_-5.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - client closet22_-2.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - Client closet_-10.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - Client closet_-6.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography -   clientcloseet_.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography -   clientcloseet_-3.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - client closet22_-6.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - client closet22_-3.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - Client closet_-9.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - Client closet_-4.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography -   clientcloseet_-6.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography -   clientcloseet_-4.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - client closet22_-7.jpg
22.kelseylageriphotography - client closet22_.jpg
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