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Looking to propose?

Let me help you create the perfect plan, that your partner won't suspect a thing. I help with everything from selecting the right location, decor planners, to the execution to ensure we capture their reaction and have the perfect angles.

Planning a proposal doesn't have to be intimidating! 

Of course it can feel that way, but that's why i'm here. Im here to make the process easy and flawless, leaving your special someone in complete shock! There are so many variables while planning out the proposal, but I have captured so many now that I have a back up plan, for the back up plan. Fill out the form below to start your proposal journey, and create a perfect plan. 

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Lets get planning!

Thanks for submitting!

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"Kelsey is friendly, responsive, and quick to deliver photos. She was a huge help planning my proposal. I proposed to my girlfriend while we were visiting Victoria from Oregon in October. I messaged Kelsey a month in advance and we found time within a few days to get on a phone call and plan. I checked out the park ahead of time using Google street view and had a spot in mind for the proposal, but having never been to Victoria I was nervous about picking somewhere that would feel right in-person. Kelsey suggested a different spot nearby that had a better view and was more secluded than the place I'd originally planned. My fiancée and I have a running joke about rubber ducks, so for a personal touch I wanted to plant one ahead of time at the proposal spot. Kelsey offered to set it up if I shipped it to her, so I FedExed it to her studio and she had it planted at the spot in advance. The proposal went off perfectly and the photos turned out great! Kelsey captured the moment from a park bench a ways away and my fiancée had no idea she was there until she came up to us. We both felt totally comfortable posing for some non-candid shots. Kelsey had the photos returned to us the next day" -Chris

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