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Sayulita Destination Wedding 2024- Photographer

Bride ans groom walking hand in hand on the beach at sunrise
Sunrise bride & groom first look

Where to start with this dream wedding? I think I need to address how surreal it was for me before anything. When I started something as a hobby, at the young age of 14 years old capturing mostly nature and the odd "photoshoot" of friends and family, I don't think younger me would ever expect to be traveling to Mexico to capture a wedding. When I say this was a dream come true, I mean it. It was such an honour to have had so much trust in me to travel from British Columbia to Mexico for this incredibly special destination wedding.

Starting off the day at 7am, we met at the main beach in Sayulita to do first look, wedding party and couple photos. It was quite funny because I had woken up at 6am and by the time I was ready to leave- it was still dark out. I sent the bride a message and was like "maybe we should push photos back 15 minutes" praying that the sun was starting to rise.

We couldn't have timed it better, because it was the most stunning morning with mist sitting on the shoreline as the sky changed colours. Beautiful oranges, pinks and yellows filled the sky reflecting off the water.

After we finished up, we headed back to the meeting point in town for the busses to pick everyone up and head an hour away to Puerto Vallarta.

We unloaded the bus at the marina, and loaded onto the yacht to sale away and begin the celebrations! It was a perfect day with not a cloud in site, that cool ocean breeze mixed with the warm temperatures.

The boat anchored near a shoreline to begin the ceremony. The wedding party set up the florals and aisle with eucalyptus and pink + white flowers and it was go time. The ceremony went beautiful and flawlessly- they exchanged their vows and said "I Do" all while whales were breaching off in the distance.

Right after the ceremony, the bride + groom hopped right into their first dance, which was full of beautifully coregraphed moves and actually had me kinda speechless! (My own first dance consisted of little to no foot movement to the wrong version of our song, so I was jealous I didn't learn some moves like they did!)

Speeches began shortly after, followed by some lunch and then moved right into party time! The bride and groom and wedding guests jumped off the top deck of the boat, filled with backflips, canon balls and even a few dives. Being 30 weeks pregnant, I chose to plop off the back of the boat instead. At one point someone asked if I wanted a photo hopping in- I happily declined as I'm not exaggerating when I say I literally plopped in the water. The boat crew looked a bit concerned and advised a life jacket after seeing my large belly LOL.

The day continued on with dancing, cake cutting and smiles everywhere I looked. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much, including myself.

When we started heading back into the marina- we were blessed with dolphins swimming around our boat and jumping all around us as whales breached nearby at the same time. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was such a treat to end off the day.

2 dolphins jumping in puerto vallarta side by side in the air
Dolphins jumping

Truly was a flawless day which is all thanks to the bride + grooms meticulous planning which payed off immensely! It was such a pleasure capturing these two, and the love surrounding them.

Here's some shots throughout the day to enjoy- thanks for reading xx.

©Kelsey Lageri Photography 2024 / Sayulita Destination Wedding Photographer


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