Hi & hello friends! First off, thanks for dropping in and checking out my website. My name is Kelsey Lageri- I'm located in Metchosin on Vancouver Island, but I absolutely love to travel! So if you aren't located on the Island- no worries at all. A little bit about me, I have been a photographer since 2012, but took on the professional side of things around 2015. I am a major softy and am the type of photographer who will be tearing up at weddings at your vows and speeches, but I'm also extremely goofy and love to have fun. I own 3 beautiful animals and am engaged to my bestfriend. I am outgoing and happy, and take pride in what I do. The passion I have for photography, is stronger than I can handle... I'm constantly brewing up new creative ideas to create. I consider all of my clients friends, and I truly am lucky to do what I do, because I get to meet SO many amazing people along the way. Being a photographer, has been my dream since I was old enough to hold a camera and it's pretty cool to have my dreams come true every single day. 


The best way to determine if I will be the right match for you, is to give me a message or call! I'm always here to answer your questions and to help make everything easy, breezy and beautiful for you. I understand that life is tough sometimes , so I offer split payment plans for all of my sessions (over an hour) to make things all the easier. So let's chat away the details and create some magic, I can't wait to get to know you & to create stunning memories together. 

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Kelsey Lageri



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