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Kelsey Lageri

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West Coast moments for

the wild-hearted.

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Kelsey Lageri

Hi friends! A little bit about me - I am a mom to my beautiful daughter, and son and wife to my amazing husband. I'm also a dog mom of two, they wouldn't be impressed if I left them out. Born + raised on Vancouver Island and this is absolutely my forever home. I'm a huge nature lover, and the west coast is the perfect place to enjoy combination of forest and ocean. I have been a Photographer for over 10+ years. Photography is not only my life, it my passion and my dream. To create stunning, meaningful photographs for people to cherish for the rest of their lives is so darn special to me.


Lets connect, send me a message to find out if I'm the right gal for you.


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Capturing everything from love stories, babies first's, and family memories.

My photography style is inspired by nature, creating timeless images that are true to emotion.


Q: Do you only shoot sessions and weddings on Vancouver Island?
A: I am travel friendly, worldwide! Vancouver Island is just where I am based out of.

Q: Will you help me with what I should wear?
A: Absolutely, I provide a styling guide with many ideas of colour combos and textures. I also have a client closet with a variety of dresses
 and gowns, and even a few baby pieces.

Q: What about location, there's so many to choose from!
A: Not to worry, I am more then happy to send over a few different options based off of what type of backdrop you envision. 

Q: For my wedding, do you offer packages that aren't listed on your wedding page?
A: For sure, I like to offer those packages as they are the most requested and booked packages but we can customize one to fit your needs. However, my minimum for weddings is 2 hours.


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