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Kelsey Lageri Photography 2021 --  SELF


It’s no secret that many people struggle with their own body image. Many fail to see their own beauty as others do.
That’s what makes a boudoir experience so special and unique. You get to see yourself through the eyes of someone else.
This experience is adventurous, empowering, and all about you.
The rules and limitations are all yours. Be yourself. Be free. Let your imagination go wild.
You deserve to feel beautiful.

kelsey lageri photography 22-  chey boudie-5.jpg


After looking through these photos from Kelsey, I am in tears with how happy I am. I am not one who is overly happy with how I look but there’s something about putting on the lingerie and having someone as awesome as Kelsey help you capture how amazing you feel. She makes you laugh, smile, and feel confident in your own skin all while in this lovely little safe space she has created.


If you’re doubting you want one.. do it anyways, I guarantee you’ll be happy with your results.

Please, for your future self, get photos done with Kelsey!!! You will love them and look back on them for years


Working with Kelsey

is exactly how all photoshoots should be for women:

Safe and sexy and smart.

I love the space that she has created- you can tell how much love went into creating a studio that is beautiful and comfortable. The timeless pieces with the modern design make you feel like you're in a new room at every angle.

I also love the thought and courtesy that goes into the experience. I can't remember the last time I showed up and the photographer had recognized that I am going to want beverages and snacks and music. IT'S A WHOLE MOOD.

Working with Kelsey over the years, I've seen her grow not only her skills but her passion for creating an experience for her clients. Truly honored to work with her and I cannot wait until our next shoot together!!

11/10 would recommend


I would trust her with my life. She is an inspiring, confident and kind hearted woman who truly knows how to make someone feel loved and appreciated.

My body isn’t perfect and I have my own personal issues and I’m working on my self confidence everyday. Kelsey made this a non-issue for me. I felt totally at peace and comfortable in my own skin which does not come easy.

I would 100/10 recommend working with her for any type of photography, but especially for boudoir. Not only did she make the experience amazing but she also had such a lovely and comfortable space to work in!

I am beyond happy to have been apart of this amazing experience and I will be returning to Kelsey for any and all future sessions!

Thank you.


These photos truly gave me back so much life.

Kelsey made me feel so comfortable, she truly knows how to make you feel like your best self and produces images that match that.

This shoot has got to be the absolute BEST experience I’ve ever had with a photographer hands down. If you’re someone that is nervous (like me), Kelsey was so great at directing me & eliminating any anxieties I had. It was truly the most liberating session.

She has created such a welcoming and BEAUTIFUL space, makes you feel so confident in your own skin and just has all around the best vibes. 


If you’ve ever debated a shoot, do it!! Your future self will thank you.


Kelsey Lageri Photography 2021 --  SELF
Kelsey Lageri Photography 2021 --  SELF
Kelsey Lageri Photography 2021 --  SELF

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir is empowering photography of every day people, reconnecting them with the amazing and perfect creation that is their body. Usually these sessions consist of underwear, lingerie, satin sheets or nudity, but that is totally up to you, with some of the most empowering and sexiest images I have ever created being of people who are fully clothed.

Do you share my images?

The images I share on my website and social media are all approved by each client. I want you to feel comfortable, and to have the trust in me to keep your session private if you ask me to. So the answer is only if you approve me to do so- I will never pressure you.

What products do you offer?

I offer all sorts of amazing goodies. Such as luxury printed albums, which are the most purchased products! I also offer wall art, portfolio boxes, and individual prints.

Do you offer digitals?

Absolutely. Each package has a different amount of digitals included. You can always purchase additional images as well. 

Will you photoshop my images?

The goal of this whole experience is to help you fall in love with yourself a little bit more. Because of that, editing is typically limited to temporary issues like bruises, scrapes, or blemishes. If you are especially worried about a specific thing such as stretch marks or cellulite, we can work to accomplish beautiful, flattering images through posing and lighting. Each wrinkle, dimple and mark on your body is beautiful, and I want to help you feel that. 

Will hair and makeup be provided?

You betcha! I have a professional hair and makeup artist come to the studio on the day we shoot. You get to arrive and get pampered for the first hour you are there. This is perfect for calming the nerves and feeling a little extra confident. It is an amazing part of the process. Plus, I work specifically with artists who are trained to ensure your makeup looks great on camera! 

Can I bring a friend?

Of course. Your comfort is a priority and if bringing a friend helps then absolutely! The only restriction to this, is all present company must be 18 years of age or older.

Everything you need to know,

and how to prepare for your Boudoir experience. 

A $300 session fee  is required at the time of booking for all packages. This fee is additional to package prices.  This covers hair & makeup, and reserves your time and date

The Luxe Experience 

  • 50 digital images

  • Large hardcover luxury album

  • Access to small-XXL client wardrobe

  • Unlimited outfit changes

  • 4 hours total including hair and makeup application

  • Champagne/Wine, or a non alcoholic beverage

  • Charcuterie board 

  • AND your next session fee free.

  • $1700 plus 5%GST

Kelsey Lageri Photography 2021 --  NIKKI
kelseylageriphotography22- christine boudoir-30.jpg

The Emerald Package

  • 35 digital images

  • Access to client wardrobe (XS-3XL)

  • Up to 3 outfit changes

  • 3 hours total including hair and makeup application

  • Refreshments

  • $975 plus 5%GST

The Ivy Package

  • 20 digital images

  • 2.5 hours total including hair and makeup application

  • Access to client wardrobe (XS-3XL)

  • $785 plus 5%GST

Kelsey Lageri Photography 2021 --  SELF
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